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Brewing Batches – Complete Record

Batch 1 : Cluster Ficken – APA – 15 Gal – Mar 29, 2015 Batch 2 : Cluster Ficken – APA – 15 Gal – Jul 22, 2015 Batch 3/4 : “The Defender”… Read More

The Barrel Project

The Barrel Project starts with two 10 gallon Bourbon Barrels from Tuthilltown Distillery in New York. The next step is beer. For round one, 24 gallons of an Imperial Stout. Brew day for… Read More

First All Grain Brew Day

3 Weeks ago was my first all grain brew day. Here are my notes. A few successes… The Mash and Sparge went perfectly with only really a minor drop in Temp which I… Read More

Cratchit’s Ailing Ale 2014

Just Kegged This years Cratchit’s Ailing Ale. Tastes amazing. Can’t wait to debut it to family and friends. The label below will be used on the 750ml bottles I give away.

3 Beers for Oktoberfest

I brewed three beers for Oktoberfest this year plus I served samples of my Belgian strong. All turned out ok. The Festbier was the big hit along with Cluster Ficken, a APA with… Read More