A Summer Away – Back to Brewing


I spent the summer away from home and that meant minimal brewing activities. The last beers I brewed were for the annual June Landover party with my friends. I made our favorite “Left4Red” summer red ale and a batch of Doubleback IPA. Those were on tap along side several kits Andy and the guys made including a “monk” ale, a Red Ale we aged on the oak from a Pinot Grigio kit I had made, and a “black Friday Stout”.



Anyway, back to brewing now. it’s been almost 4 months since I brewed last. With my annual Oktoberfest party looming in just a few short weeks, I had to get a batch in the pot. So, I went with the new Oktoberfest kit from Beer Wine Hobby (Don’t judge). I didn’t really want to work up a new recipe and Gennaro was telling me they reworked the formula to be more in style with traditional german Marzens. That’s all I needed. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to lager it, so I’ll do it as an Ale, then crash cool it and let it chill for as long as I can before I have to keg.

I’ll do a batch of Double Back IPA when I get closer to Oktoberfest.


Next up in the world of brewing… an Imperial Stout (10% ABV) that I’ll age on Red Wine Oak. (A Barrel if I can find one, otherwise I’ll cheat and use charred oak chips soaked with red wine.)