First All Grain Brew Day

3 Weeks ago was my first all grain brew day. Here are my notes.
A few successes… The Mash and Sparge went perfectly with only really a minor drop in Temp which I will work on for next time. Probably will wrap the MLT with some Aluminium reflective R3 insulation. Many all grain brewers do this to their Mash Tuns and I was planning on it but figured I’d see how the first batch went before I committed to the expense and annoyance. No Sparging issues, which was awesome.
A minor failure… once the Sparge was completed, we fired up the Blichmann burner on the Boil Kettle then went off and started cleaning the Mash Tun. And completely weren’t paying attention to the impending boil over. Mitul and I got a good laugh out of having screwed up one of the things we know not to do from extract brewing. Oh Well.
Now to numbers. The rest of this is from my post brew day notes, might get tedious but it’s all important in how the brew house operate, in building recipes and running future brew days.
This was a 10gallon batch of Cluster Ficken. Single Malt (American Pale 2 Row). Hops only at 10 Minutes, 5 Minutes and Flame out.
Brew Day Numbers
Brew Day Start time : 10:00am
Strike Water Temp : 170 Degrees
Mash Temp (Start) : 153 Degrees
Mash Duration : 75 Minutes
Mash Temp (End) : 147 Degrees
Sparge Water Temp : 180 Degrees
Sparge Duration : ~75 Minutes (About 1 Gallon/5 Minutes Transfer Rate)
Boil Duration : 90 Minutes
Whirlpool Duration : 20 Minutes
Post Whirlpool Rest : 10 Minutes
Wort Temp Pre Plate Chiller : 180 Degrees+
Wort Temp Post Plate Chiller : 72 Degrees
Duration to transfer 11 Gallons from BK to Fermenters through Plate Chiller : Less than 10 Minutes
Brew Day End Time (after Cleaning) : 5:00pm
Total Brew Day Duration : 7 Hours
10 Minutes = 1 Ounce Cascade + 1 Ounce Citra
5 Minutes = 1 Ounce Cascade + 1 Ounce El Dorado
0 Minutes = 1 Ounce Citra + 2 Ounce Mosaic + 1 Ounce El Dorado
20 Minute Whirlpool through the Hop Bag
IBUs = 23
Gravity Measurements
20 Pounds of American 2 Row Grain
Pre-Boil Volume into the Boil Kettle = 14.5 Gallons
Pre-Boil Gravity Measurement = 1.037
Post Boil Volume = 11 Gallons
Post Boil Gravity Measurement = 1.045
Wort Conversion – Mash to Pre-Boil :
Wort Volume = 14.5 Gallons
Gravity measurement = 1.037
20# American Pale 2 Row
Efficiency = 72.5%
Wort Conversion – Mash to Post-Boil :
Wort Volume = 11 Gallons
Gravity measurement = 1.045
20# American Pale 2 Row
Efficiency = 66.89%
Not too shabby. I was shooting for a final brew house efficiency of 70-72% based on what I’ve read, so coming in a few ticks under is definitely OK for me.  I also noticed a few mistakes in my BeerSmith equipment profile that I’ve corrected now and will allow for more precise calculations next time. Adding some Insulation to the Mash Tun should help the temps there and as a result the efficiency. Also may reorganize the layout based on our experiences on day one. 
Post Fermentation
Final Beer Volume = 10 Gallons
Loss to Fermenters = 1 Gallon (0.5 to each fermenter)
Final Gravity = 1.010
Final ABV = 4.5%
Dry Hopping Schedule 
3 Days per Round of Dry Hopping
Fermenter 1:
Round 1: 1oz Zythos, 1oz Amarillo
Round 2: 1oz El Dorado, 1oz Nelson SauvinFermenter 2:
Round 1: 1oz Citra, 1oz Mosaic
Round 2: 1oz Citra, 1oz Mosaic
IMG_6637 (1)