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Phil Bond is an Event/Music and Fine Art Photographer based in Boston, MA.

In addition to Photography, Phil is a Sound Designer for Theatre and has dabbled in Music Recording and Film Making.

Phil began studying photography almost 20 years ago using a Minolta SRT-201 35mm film camera. Phil was forced to learn the basics of photography with a fully manual camera, balancing Film Speed (ISO), Shutter Speed, Aperture and Zoom/Focus all with only the in-camera light meter to provide technical guidance and 24 frames per roll to work with.

While in the midst of learning film photography, Phil was asked to be the Cinematographer/Camera Operator/Editor on a Feature Length World War 2 movie Directed by his friend Matt Morgan. For 2 years the cast and crew labored away in their spare time to complete the film. “A Soldier’s Destiny” was released at a film premiere in 2002 and started the careers of many in the cast/crew in their chosen professions. Matt is currently a screen writer in LA working on the TV Series “From Dusk till Dawn” and Sean Hopkins (star of the film) is an Actor in Demand up and down the East Coast with several Off Broadway, TV and Film Credits.

Since that time, Phil has been photographer to Will Dailey, a Boston based musician who has won 5 Boston Music Awards, including the 2014 awards Artist of the Year and Album of the Year for his record ‘National Throat’. Phil provided photography and video support to the successful PledgeMusic campaign that led to this award winning record. Phil was also the videographer of Will’s video party for “Tomorrow Still Comes”.

In 2011, one of Phil’s images from a pet photo project of his friend’s Datsun 240Z was licensed to ‘Details’ Magazine for a feature on classic cars for guys in their 20’s.

Phil has also recorded demos and live tracks of many Boston musicians and bands. In 2009, Phil was the Recording Engineer and Producer of a 3 song EP by the band Six Day Slide.

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