Beer Brewing

P.G. Bond Brewing is a half barrel sized home brewery.

It is based around Spike Brewing Kettles, Chugger Pumps, a 30 plate chiller, multiple Speidel Fermenters, a SS BrewTech Conical and a vast assortment of barrels and kegs. We brew year round and have a variety of styles but are always experimenting.

We stick with locally sourced ingredients whenever possible and primarily shop at Beer Wine Hobby in Woburn, MA and use Stone Path Malt from Central MA and hops from Yakima Valley, WA (Except for all of those amazing Aust. and NZ hops). We also grow our own Nugget hops as well as a variety of berries that end up in our beer. Honey and Maple Syrup is always local, either from Honey Pot Farm in Pelham, NH or from the Cold Hollow Cider Mill in Waterbury Center Vermont. When we make cider, we buy direct from the best source: Carlson Orchards in Harvard, MA.


“Doubleback IPA” – The House Double IPA. An 8.5% Double IPA Brewed with Oats, Honey Malt and a metric crap ton of hops.  Even after you think you’ve had one too many… you’ll double back for another…

“Cluster Ficken” – A rotating Session Pale Ale. We keep the Malt bill the same but rotate through a variety of the latest and greatest hops as well as the newest experimental varieties.

“R10” – A Belgian Strong Ale coming in at 10% ABV. Named for a project at work and brewed as a gift to the team who worked really hard for a long time to make the project a success. This is a good old fashioned traditional Abbey style strong ale.

“Saison Du Keller” – A double dry hopped Saison inspired by the farmhouse ales at Idle Hands Craft Ales. We used a blend of 2 Saison yeasts and a lot of new world hops including Nelson Sauvin and Galaxy.

Coffee Porter Series – We stick with a generic Robust Porter Recipe and then use different coffees and methods in each beer.

“The Old Familiar” – Cold Brewed Kauai Coffee Porter
“The Worlds End” – Rye Whiskey Coffee Aged Porter

Barrel Series – A pair of Tuthilltown Distilling Baby Bourbon Barrels. So far we’ve brewed:

“The Defender” – Imperial Stout – Bottled Feb 2016
“The Instigator” – a Belgian Golden Strong Ale – Bottled Aug 2016
“The Closer” – Dark Imperial Farmhouse Ale – To be Bottled in Jan 2017
“TBD” – A New England Barleywine with Maple Syrup – To be Bottled in Aug/Sept 2017
“TBD” – A Scotch Ale – To be Bottled in Apr/May 2017

Oak Series – We’ve been experimenting with many types of oak and spirits in our beers. So far we’ve made:

“The Executor” : A Dark Imperial Farmhouse aged with Red Wine Oak
“Oaked Saison” : A traditional Saison aged with White Wine Oak

“Cratchit’s Ailing Ale” – An ale rotated yearly based on my whims, brewed for Christmas as a gift to my family and friends.

2016 : A Maple Imperial Stout aged on Rum Oak. Maple Syrup locally sourced from Honey Pot Farms.
2014 : A Chocolate Imperial Stout, aged on Red Wine Oak, Vanilla Beans and Organic Cocoa Nibs.
2012-2013 : Holiday Spiced Ale, dark, malty and hoppy with chocolate and citrus overtones. Spiced with Nutmeg, Allspice, Cinnamon and Whole Oranges prior to fermentation.